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Our Services

The Nicholas County Public Library has many services available to our patrons and the community.



Black and White   .10/page         Color   .25/page

Full Page Color   $1/page

The library has a copier that makes black & white and color copies and is able to print documents/images from mobile devices. 



The library offers a scanner to those who wish to send documents, photos, and files via e-mail. 


$1 per sheet

The library has a laminator that can be used to laminate paperwork for patrons.



$1.00 per page (excluding cover sheet) (send and/or receive)

Patrons may send or receive faxes in the library. To send a fax to the library, please send it to 859.289.4340.



Black and White   .10/page         Color     .50/page

All community members are welcome to print from the computers. Our computers are able to print documents created or documents accessible via email or removable storage (USB). 



The library offers notary services to all. Please bring your government issued photo ID to have your signature notarized. We make every effort to have a notary available during all open hours, but due to scheduling issues, this is not always guaranteed. Please call the library to confirm availability.



The Library provides computers and Internet/WiFi access for patrons of all ages. All Windows public access computers have Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher), as well as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. 


Two (2) Early Literacy Learning Workstations are included in our children's room. These computers are programmed with more than 40 games that build skills in the area of reading, words and phonics, science and nature, math and problem solving, reference, music and arts, writing and computer skills, and social studies and geography. These colorful  computers are great for kids between the ages of 2-10.

All community members are welcome to use our computers at any time. Please sign-in at the front desk when you arrive.



Our Outreach program assists people throughout Nicholas County who need extra help using Library services, including:

  • Home-bound adults and those in nursing or retirement centers

  • Children and young people in day care centers and Head Start programs

  • Disabled community members

  • Local schools and organizations requesting Outreach Programming

Materials available for delivery include large print, hardback, paperback, and audio books, as well as back-issue magazines and children's books. If home-bound, a patron's eligibility is at the discretion of the library, due to mileage to and from a home and budgetary constraints. Mobile Outreach is a monthly service that is free to all patrons. For further information regarding our our Outreach/Bookmobile services, please contact Peggy at 859.289.5595.


Nicholas County Adult Education

If you are interested in learning more about GED, you may visit the Nicholas County Adult Education | MCTC web site here. If you have questions about Adult Education Services, please contact them at 606-776-7799. 


Nicholas County Adult Education provides services such as adult education classes for eligible Kentuckians. 

Meeting Rooms

Library meeting rooms are available for non-profit, and community organizations seeking to hold free meetings, trainings, and workshops. The meeting rooms may not be used for direct sales, solicitation, non-library fundraisers, social or celebratory events. 


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Meeting Rooms

Can I begin/end my meeting after the Library is closed?

Yes. Meetings may be held after operating hours. If you are interested in holding an event or function after hours, please obtain a key from the front desk. The key MUST be returned immediately following your meeting. 

Can I bring food to my meeting?

Yes, you may bring food and drinks. We do ask that all leftovers be taken with you and all messes be cleaned. 

Can I have a wedding or baby shower in the library?

No. Celebratory events are not allowed in the library.

Can I sell products or charge people to come to a training?

No. All meetings held in Library meeting rooms must be free to community members and the sale of goods and services are prohibited.

Do I have to pay to use a meeting room?

No. The use of our meeting rooms is free.

How do I reserve a room?

Library meeting rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Non-profit and community organizations may reserve rooms up to 90 days in advance. Individuals wishing to have a private meeting may also reserve rooms in advance or on a walk-in basis. Telephone reservations can be made by calling 859.289.5595

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