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Even if a child cannot read, the library can help preschoolers’ language and literacy skills in many ways! From an early age, a child can learn the basics of properly holding and handling a book and turning the pages in sequential order. They see the words on the pages and will soon connect them with sounds of reading! They will explore color, line, and shape and can connect through books to nature, fun and fantasy. They can use our computers with age-appropriate games, do a puzzle to improve their dexterity and spatial-relations, and sit through a story time where they learn to interact, be quiet, and have patience. 

Playing with other children their own age is a great way to improve social interactions and learn to be a friend! Imaginations expand during free play, so let your preschooler be creative with the toys, puzzles and animals at our library, and check our calendar for upcoming free preschool events that cater to their growing minds!

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