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Library Rules

Loan Periods

The general checkout period for circulation material types is two (2) weeks, with one two week renewal available. The general checkout period for DVDs is three (3) days, with one three day renewal available. There is a late fee is DVDs are returned late. Items that are on hold for another patron are checked out for the general time period with no renewals available. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for monitoring their children's borrowing.


If a library owned item is checked out, it may be reserved by any patron whose account in good standing. This request may be made in person, by phone, or online. The cardholder is notified via email, text, or phone when the item is available; it is held for seven (7) days. The item will be returned to general circulation if not picked up within the 7 day reserve period.

Purchase Requests

If the library does not own a recently published item, a cardholder may ask that it be purchased and reserved for them. Requests may be made in person, by phone, or by filling out our contact form here. If it meets the library collection development criteria, the item is acquired.

Overdue Items | Fines

Items that are not returned by the end of the loan period are overdue. Overdue fines for Circulation materials are $0.05 per item per day overdue, up to a $10 maximum for each item. Overdue fines for DVD's are $1 per item per day overdue, up to a $20 maximum for each item. Fines over $10 will block an account from use. Library privileges will then be revoked if overdue materials are not paid for.

Library materials that are 90 days overdue are converted to a "Lost" status. The cardholder's borrowing privileges are suspended and the cardholder is assessed the original cost of the item.

Claims Returned

Occasionally, a patron is adamant that an item was returned. Once both the patron and staff have searched for and not found the item, it may be marked "Claims Returned" in the cardholder's record. Patrons remain in good standing so long as they have no more than one "Claims Returned" on their record. Library staff conducts a search for these items and if not found within 90 days, they are withdrawn.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Items lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair must be paid for at the initial cost of the item. Accumulated fines on the item are waived. The item is withdrawn from the collection. If a patron returns the lost item with a receipt for payment dated within 30 days, a refund for this fee (minus the maximum overdue charge) may be issued.

  • The patron is responsible for alerting the staff to an item that is damaged at checkout.

  • The same policy applies if the patron says an item borrowed was stolen.

  • The library does not accept replacement copies of lost materials in lieu of payment charges.

How To Get A Library Card

In order to obtain a library card at NCPL, you must bring a valid photo ID with your current address on it to the library. 

Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on his/her library card.


Report lost or stolen library cards immediately at 859.289.5595.


Nicholas County Public Library welcomes your donated books, audio books, and DVDs. Your donation will be added to the Library's collection or sold to help enhance our programs and services or used in our Outreach Services.

  • We WILL accept:

    • Hardcover and paperback books that are in good condition.  

    • DVDs

  • We WILL NOT accept:

    • ​Boxes of books that have not been properly inspected by the donor.

    • Large quantities of books that are not in boxes or containers. Due to facility and logistic constraints, we cannot accept large quantities of loose material.

    • Damaged books with broken bindings, missing pages, soiled, musty, moldy, with smoke or water damage, or with excessive writing in the text.

    • Outdated materials 

    • Artwork, periodicals, and academic journals

    • Condensed books (Reader’s Digest)

    • Professional journals

    • Encyclopedias

    • Non-commercially produced media

    • Workbooks or study guides that are partially or wholly filled in

    • Computer programs

Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I go to donate my books and other items?

Please call the library to ensure we are accepting donations during that time. Sometimes we may be unable to accept donations due to space constraints. If space is available, you may bring donations of books and other items to Nicholas County Public Library during our open hours (listed at the top of this page). We may not be able to accept excessively large number of donations.  Also, once our inventory needs have been met, we may decline to accept donations.

How much can I claim as a charitable donation?

We do not determine the value of the donation. Receipts can be provided designating how many items were donated.

What happens to the items I donate?

Depending on the quality and condition of the donated items, they will be put into our book sale, put into the general collection of the library, or given away.

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