​​​Nicholas County Public Library


The Nicholas County Public Library has many services available to our patrons and the community.

The library has a copier that makes black | white and color copies.

The charges for copies are:
Black and white   .25/page         Color   .50/page


The library offers a scanner to those who wish to send documents, photos, files, etc. to e-mail. There is no fee for use of the scanner. 


Laminating services are available at the library. The fee for this service is $1/sheet.

Patrons may send or receive faxes in the library. The fax service has a charge of $1.00/page to send or receive. To receive a fax at the library, our fax number is 859.289.4340

The Library provides computers and Internet | WiFi access for patrons of all ages. All Windows public access computers are loaded with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and Publisher) as well as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. 

Three (3) Early Literacy Learning Workstations  are included in our services. These computers are programmed with more than 40 games that build skills in the area of reading, words and phonics; science and nature; math and problem solving; reference; music and arts; writing and computer skills; and social studies and geography. These colorful, touch-screen computers are great for kids between the ages of 2-12.

Our simple walk-up, sign-in program allows all library card holders in good standing to sign themselves in for a session. Guests (those who do not have a Library card) can obtain a guest pass from the circulation desk. All patrons are allowed one one-hour session per day. 

Patrons can print from the computers. They can print documents they created on the computer or documents they access via their email or removable storage. Printing costs .10/page for black and white copies and .50/page color copies. ​

Library Services